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[i]vodou_blue: Attention Walmart Shoppers...

 You cannot get your Pick Up Today order at midnight. Just because the store is open 24/7 doesn't mean that specialty areas are manned outside of their posted hours. Twelve hours (8AM-8PM) is gonna have to be good enough for you.

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[i]kelex: NBC Hannibal, Hannibal/Will, Oops I Ficced It Again

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I have a feeling it is some hannigram AU I haven’t read yet but would enjoy tremendously

Hannibal/Will, American Gods AU )

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[i]kelex: Star Trek, Star Trek reboot, Oops I Ficced It Again

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I can’t explain how much I want a 21st century Star Trek au where Kirk still lives in Iowa and it’s like “holy shit aliens just literally landed in my cornfield I can’t believe my life became a bad episode of x-files”

ok but. hear me out like…

  • kirk as just this genius 21yr old in Iowa building hi-tech shit in his basement; like radios and shit that manage to pick up sub-space frequencies that he helps code w/ the help of Uhura

  • kirk thinking it’d be a funny prank to make some crop circles in his family’s cornfield

  • kirk making intricate crop circles that read as some rudimentary script of Vulcan

  • spock responding to the images that seem to be an SOS from his father; beams down to earth only to find out some humans managed to accidentally learn the vulcan language

  • “oh so you’re an alien” “indeed” “And…you’re looking for your dad.” “affirmative” “well, you know what this means?” “….” “…roadtrip.”

  • spock learns the meaning of friendship as he roadtrips across america with a pack of humans that kirk picks up along the way in search of his father: mccoy, the doctor they met in georgia that let them sleep in his basement; scotty the auto repair guy they meet in some backwater town; sulu in new york that is much better at driving than kirk is; nobody really knows how chekov ended up with them, but it’s probably illegal

  • these are the voyages of the 1970 Volkswagen bus Enterprise

Star Trek Reboot, Star Trek, 1970s AU )

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[i]kelex: NBC Hannibal, Hannibal/Will, Oops I Ficced It Again

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by Kenneth Willardt

All of this is incredible. The deep reds and blacks. The way the angles of his face are accentuated. His expression of mild displeasure.

But the POMEGRANATES. I MEAN. COME ON. Not only are they the sexiest fruit (it’s a science fact, look it up), they are also deeply meaningful. The seeds, hidden within the flesh, contains sticky red juice that stains whatever it comes into contact with. Many cultures view it as symbolic of both life, procreation and fertility, and also of death. In the myth of Persephone and Hades, they represent her lost innocence and the dark bargain that keeps her returning to him, year after year. To borrow from the show, it smacks of “demonic sexuality”.

Basically, what I am saying is that this photoshoot is hotter than hell and, if that motherfucker was Hades, I would eat as many pomegranate seeds as he wanted, right out of his fucking hand.

Hannibal/Will, Oops I Ficced It Again )

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[i]kelex: Doctor Who, Ten/Rose, Roller Derby AU, Oops I Ficced It Again

T (obscure AU) - DOCTOR X ROSE?
— asked by [ profile] sequencefairy

Doctor x Rose, obscure AU (Roller Derby) )

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[i]kelex: NBC Hannibal, Hannibal/Will, Oops I Ficced It Again

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Don’t think about Will nuzzling his face into Hannibal’s forest of chest hair after they make love

Definitely don’t think about Hannibal raking his fingers through Will’s messy curls while they’re cuddling

Lastly, DO NOT think about Hannibal giving Will forehead kisses

Just don’t do it.

It will destroy you.


Hannibal/Will, Oops I Ficced It Again, kinda-sorta NC-17 )

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[i]kelex: NBC Hannibal, Hannibal/Will, Oops I Ficced It Again

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someone please write me filthy af porn with older politician!Mads/Hannibal and high school Lolita!Will (or Lolita!Hugh)

Hannibal/Will, politican AU, oops I ficced it again )

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[i]kelex: NBC Hannibal, Hannibal/Will, Oops I Ficced It Again



The villain gives their customary “join me and we can be great” speech. The hero accepts.

“Join me, and we could rule the world together! Hell, the UNIVERSE! Why, with my vision and your raw power, we could–”


“… I’m… sorry?”

“Well I mean you should be, you’ve been acting like an ass this whole time, but whatever, okay. I’ll join you.”

“You– wha?”

“Well I already can’t use my powers to rescue a kitten from a tree without being eyeball deep in Should Supers Be Government Regulated discourse. And selective media coverage that makes me look like a prick. And have you seen the memes? I’m done.”


“And I got a tooth knocked out in a fight last week but I don’t get dental coverage for this gig. Or, you know. Income of any kind, livable or not. But you own a multi-billion dollar evil corporation so I assume there’s benefits?”

“Yes. There’s… yes.”

“So whatever, I’m in. Evil’s my middle name, or something. What’s our plan?”


“Do you… what, do you not have a plan?”

“Honestly no, I really didn’t think you’d be on board, I– I’m not sure how to proceed from here.”

“Talk it out over drinks on you?”

“… deal.”

My kingdom for this as a hannigram AU.

Hannibal/Will, Oops I Ficced It Again, Superhero AU )

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[i]kelex: NBC Hannibal, Hannibal/Will, Oops I Ficced It Again

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GODDDDDD rewatching Jennifer’s body made me want a hannigram spin on it SO BAD

Like idk the thing that made will have to quit being a cop was he got captured by some creepy cultists and ‘virgin’ sacrificed so now he’s stuck with this demon and urge to munch on human flesh but he has it down to where he only takes like one drifter a month just enough to keep himself from getting so hungry he attacks his coworkers

but then Hannibal swans into his life and feeds him protein scramble and will takes one bite and blurts out ‘it’s kinda overcooked don’t you think?’ because he prefers his meat /raw/

Smth smth other stuff happens I just did a 12 hour overnight horror movie marathon I gotta go to bed instead of fleshing this out soryyyy

Hannibal/Will, Hannigram, Oops I ficced it again, Jennifer's Body AU )

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[i]kelex: Stranger Things, oops I ficced it again

source: [ profile] roseaque ( here )

Stranger Things, Billy/Steve )

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[i]kelex: Stranger Things, oops I ficced it again

Steve/Billy On Vacation )

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[i]kelex: Stranger Things, oops I ficced it again

[ profile] isweartostrangerthings

Steve: *smiles*

Billy: *slams hands on table* That’s it, I’m killing him!

Max: Or you could just man up and ask him out.

Billy: K-killing…is easier.

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